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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Too busy for my bible? Time for a little prayer!

My Life

I've Been so busy lately that it seems like it takes all of the strength in me to pick up my bible at the end of the day...funny how even through my tiredness i can manage to get online and post on facebook. I'm wondering if it's that same "force" that causes us to be a little more tired than normal on sunday mornings? I was having a discussion with a friend that mentioned that all of everything breaks loose on sunday while she's getting ready for church: her child (ren) is uncooperative, someone upsets her, something with the house goes wrong, etc. and i began to think, how that could be the story of my life! Last night as i was doing some soul searching and repenting for allowing some of God's alloted time to be taking up by other things, I made a conscious decision to change how i studied my bible alone and the mindset that i have when i'm studying the bible. I thank the Lord each day for my children and the different gifts/talents that he has blessed them with but, i truly thank him for my middle child's love for God and faith....even when i'm feeling worn out mentally, physically, and spiritually that child is like gasoline to a car on "E"! Lately, that has been my fuel which brings me to my point. My pastor recently preached about christians today needing to be seen in a light greater than one's self so much so that we will say, "i'm blessed" when we really need to say, "Please, Pray for me"! So, tonight i'm saying just that and i'll be praying for you all too. God Bless!


I've posted a fun event on my facebook page! If you're in Tallahassee, you should check it out!

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