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Thursday, June 10, 2010

He never fails

Ecclesiastes 4:13 Better is a poor and wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.

My Life

Has your child ever made you realize that you've said too much? Well, mine have and I've yet to learn my lesson after four. As usual the day started off perfectly, We'd prayed and I'd put the devil back into his placed before he'd had a chance to get started! My armor was on and i was ready for my beautiful day! And just like that..."I missed your party because my mom didn't have any money to buy you a present", says my child to her classmate as me and a million other parents walk our children to their classes! I could have fallen to the floor and lie there like a doormat for the rest of that day! So, that Saturday I'd been running errands and the party was that afternoon. As you all know, I'm a Realtor and in the words of a friend of mine (whose also a Realtor) "sometimes my family's rich and sometimes we're poor"! For me, my family's always somewhere in between! One consistent income, four children, everyday can do the math! Anyway, after we'd been grocery shopping and paying bills, i checked the account and thought (apparently out loud), "We'll skip the party because this money has to last until hubby gets paid again"! My daughter wasn't too disappointed...i thought! We headed to the park, had ice cream at home, etc. and when that Monday rolled around i found out that my little angel (HA) may have been holding a grudge and waiting to shame her mother...OK, maybe not intentionally! Here i am in the flesh! I've never liked masks or having to pretend to be something that I'm not but, doggone children find the perfect moment to say the darnedest things. This happened last year and let's just say that i have a testimony worth sharing about my family's financial situation last year but, that's another post! God has always been good to us and has always showed himself when we least expected it! When i started writing this November 2009 i didn't publish it for fear of not wanting to "come off wrong" to the public...I'm in an image business! Today after i began reading it again i remembered that i was created in God's image and as long as you see him when you see me, nothing else matters! There's always someone that needs to hear that "I've been there before" story and I truly have been there before and it's not easy to always trust in your faith in God when you have the enemy coming at you from every angle but, i tell you that God hasn't failed me yet! Take a look at Job. It may seem bad now or you may be wondering why you're visiting the place that you're visiting. Just remember, that every testimony began with a test! GOD IS SO GOOD...ALL THE TIME!


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  1. Hi...just read your post and loved it. When we least expect it, our kids will add "spice" to our lives!!! Found you though the Bible Cafe and I am looking forward to the Jonah study!!!

  2. Thank you! I was beginning to think that i was only writing for myself :-) I am truly looking forward to all that God is going to do during this bible study!