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Thursday, May 12, 2011


So, yesterday while i was somewhere in between motivation and procrastination i remembered my beautiful blog that has been getting the least of my attention. As i search numerous blogs, read amazing posts by other realtors, i seem less and less enthused about writing my own. The same girl that used to journal faithfully is hiding from what i love doing.
In my moment of clarity i realized that if i was going to blog faithfully it would focus more on my everyday life and the "everyday" things that occur in how i deal with children fighting over who will get the chocolate chip muffin with the most chocolate chips <---- Well, in this situation i generally just eat it myself to be fair ;-D
I love writing and i love stories...i have a million since my life always plays out like a book. So, if you know anything about me then you already know that my profession is real estate and i love it but my life is my God/family......I'm just learning how to manage it and so far it's all trial and error!

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